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Pet Rocks become the next big thing

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Dear All

Have been flat chat with visiting Rowan and Jenni along with the kids and really have not had the time or energy to get into writing the blog over the last couple of days. Sorry! But there you go!

So, we had a rather gentle start to the day on Saturday. We found the canal and walked along that until we got into the city. Beautiful sights and beautiful colours with a lot of the foliage beginning to change and drop for winter. I guess we can admire this as tourists but housekeepers probably don't look forward to this time of the year with all of the leaf litter. I know I'd be going crazy and driving the neighbours nuts with the Blower/Vac but from a tourist point of view it is wonderful.

After that, walked back down to the hotel for a bit of a restette before being picked up by Rowan and Jenni along with the dynamic duo!

Taken for a drive to Gatineau Park which is in Quebec. So across the river and entered into Quebec and Holy Sh*t, the drivers are mad as hell here. All of a sudden logical driving gets thrown out the window and replaced with the French arrogance and it's fend for your life! Truly! I thought W.A. drivers were Feckin mad but the Quebecous make them look like Sunday drivers. Never, ever thought I'd be saying such a thing.

Anyhoo......eventually find the way to Pink Lake in Gatineau Park whilst being entertained by Rowan and Jenni's (only joking guys and you gotta admit it was hilarious really) combined methods of direction finding. Kind of reminded me of Ron and myself finding our way to things. Guess some things never change between partners! Jenni did mention she rarely drove in Quebec because it did her head in and I can truly see why!

In the mean time, Izzy and Rhy kept us entertained with "Mummy he's touching me!" whilst the vocal one is busy digging her fingers into Rhys's side. Then of course there is the "Mummy, she's eaten my last gum without asking my permission!", whilst the accused is busy giggling! Meanwhile, Mummy and Daddy are strangely having difficulties focussing on things!

The traffic was truly awful around the Park so we cut the visit short as it was difficult to get to things to see without millions of people milling around blocking your views. Therefore it was into town to Rideau Park.

Another beautiful icon of the city with beautiful trees, park lands and hundreds of squirrels. There was even a game of cricket being played in one of the parks. At one stage, Rowan and I saw a couple of Black Squirrels get into a bit of biffo. I couldn't get my phone out and cranked up quick enough to video it but it was so funny watching these two little mites giving each other a right going over!

At some point Izzy found a rock and unbeknown to us, took it back to the car with her. The first we knew about the rock was there was lots of further squealing and giggling in the back of the car and during which, Izzy began dropping the rock onto the hard plastic of the booster seat she was sitting on. Of course this was making a very lovely loud and satisfying bang each time it hit the hard plastic of the seat. Cause for further giggling and squealing then! So, Bryan the party pooper leans around and asks if he can have a look at the rock. Izzy flashes a dazzling smile and hands the rock over. Bryan looks at the rock, comments on how lovely it is and promptly names it Hudson (as in Rock Hudson - geddit). After massaging Hudson for a minute of two, Bryan claims Hudson has gone to sleep and says he would be more comfortable in Mummy's hand bag having a sleep, to which Izzy smiles again and says OK. So banging taken care of then! We think!

We have dinner at a Moxie's restaurant and during dinner, Izzy fishes in Mummy's hand bag and loudly proclaims she has Hudson. All others at the table have an "Oh No!" look on their faces but the drive home was uneventful with regards to that.

We are dropped off at the hotel and have an exhausted but happy sleep after having a fantastic day.

The next morning we are picked up early so we can go to see Rhys practice for Ice Hockey with his new team mates. On arrival at their house, Izzy rushes out saying Hudson had a great sleep and now has a bed. And so he does! Rhys also got into the act and now has a pet rock called Andrew. Not sure how that name came into being but he is happy with it, so that's all there is to it then. So the rest of the day, Hudson either slept or was carted hither and thither. In the evening he was apparently very sad for some reason. Honestly! I didn't think I would start off something like that and have it hijacked by a five year old, but that is what happened. Izzy is such a bright bubbly thing and gets hold of ideas and runs with it.

So! To the Ice Hockey. Lots of pictures taken of Rhys and his skating. He really is so skilful and makes Ice Skating look so easy. I was suitably impressed and I understand so are others involved with the new team Rhys has become affiliated with. Here's hoping he does so well with what he really enjoys. After we got home from the skating, he was so knackered he hardly left the lounge area because he could hardly move. During the practice, Izzy became strangely bored with the proceedings! What to do then? Oh! Of course! Raid the dispensing machines which contain odd bits of pieces along with some candy. Izzy strikes gold and races back with this container which had a small hat! Of course, this was for Hudson! After exhausting Mummy and Daddy's supply of Toonies (Canada two dollar coins), Izzy turns to Grandad. No! Says Grandad. No Toonies but have a look at these quarters in case the right coin is not identified! Great! Says Miss Izzy, "actually, I need this one!" and a quarter is snatched off and with a whoosh and a roar, little missy is off into the distance to the next dispenser! So funny!

Izzy also had a practice Ice Hockey session and you could see almost instant improvement during the session. She went from tottering steps to hardly falling over at all by the end of her time. The only big issue she had was stopping and I can relate to that. I've only ever Ice Skated twice and stopping is not easy!

Today. Another relatively easy day. Got up and walked into town and looked at some of the city sights. Just a beautiful city! Also did a spot of shopping, mainly to get some souvenirs and I spotted a shirt I just had to have.

We only have one more full day in Ottawa. Early rise on Wednesday morning and off to the airport to jump onto the bomber and be on the way back home. Here's to not starting another potential International Incident on the plane like I nearly did on the way over!

Cheers folks

B and Ron

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