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Whistler to Victoria

Are we there yet? Actually I don't give a rats! Keep on driving!

sunny 27 °C

Dear All

This is nearly the end of the first leg of the trip. And trust me, these legs are just a little worn with the sitting and then looking for places to stretch out but what the Hey! It's a first world problem and in reality, I'm not complaining. The sights to see in this part of the world are unbelievable.

We went from Sun Peaks to Lillooet where I had the hugest sandwich. It was half a loaf of bread with a bit of filling! Certainly got me through the rest of the day and it was Yummmmmm! Of course food is so lacking on this trip (NOT)

From there we went to Lake Duffy then on to Whistler. Apparently the town was named after some rodents who whistle as their calling! You learn something new each day!

On the way, there were some twisty turns and rather steep descents. I did suggest to one of the passengers he might like to jump at one of the Runaway lanes they have on the mountains, as it might have been his last chance to escape his wife! She was always threatening to bump him off because he hadn't read the marriage vows Chap 6, Clause34, Subheading 15 regarding how he should always be obedient to the missus! And that whatever she wanted she should get! So all in the name of fun then! Got a few giggles on the bus and not necessarily from any incohol BTW.

Funnily enough, Kate (our esteemed bus driver who is your person for wielding darn great busses around mountains) found an unwelcome guest in the drivers seat of her bus. Piccies put up soon.

So all in all. A fantastic experience. Shame it is coming to an end.

Take care all

B and Ron

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Lake Jasper to Sun Peaks

All aboard the Bus!

sunny 15 °C

Dear All

A long day today but some fantastic sights.

As we were driving out of Jasper, the bus suddenly slowed and stopped and there in the middle of the highway was this huge Bull Elk. His horns were ginormous! And he seemed to be in the mood for a little loving judging by his calling and sniffing. He was heading across the road to some female elks who like any decent gals started to run away. What an amazing beast though. We saw a lot of Elk to the stage they are now "so five minutes ago" (not really - just joking)

We had a look at Mt Robson. Highest mountain in the Rockies and the sky was so clear and blue! It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Had a River Safari at Blue Waters and saw a Bear and got driven around in some high speed jet boats which was a blast. The fella driving the boat had a dog called Tigger, who lay at the front of the boat through all of this and only got a little concerned when the going got bumpy. He came down into the boat and had a few tickles, then back up to the bow. He was 13 years old but still beautiful.

After that it was off to see some Painted Turtles at a place I can't remember but the coffee was good and it was all great.

Then off to Sun Peaks for overnight

I'll have to leave it here and add some more later.

As usual. Gotta throw the last things into the bags and fling ourselves out the door to the bus! After eating of course. Something really unusual! NOT!

Cheers all

B and Ron

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Brisk day at Lake Louise

Even the Brass Monkeys would've been complaining

snow -1 °C

Hello all

Well this morning started off at a Balmy 1c but it did end at about 10c by the end of the day once we got into Lake Jasper.

We started off on the trek to Jasper and stopped off to Ooooh and Aaaaah at the Crowfoot Glacier and Peyto Glacier. Crowfoot was of course spectacular and everyone jumped back onto the bus to travel to Peyto. Got to Peyto and the lovely Lynda, our Tour Director who should be awarded a medal for being the most tolerant person I've ever come across, warned us to be careful of the slippery path down to the lake and associated vistas of the glacier. Of course, men being men, the path was extremely slippery and treacherous. So they did the obvious thing all men will do, along with some Ladies and crossed over the wooden fence and continued in the Snow down towards the lake. Unfortunately, one of the fellas slipped over on the ice underneath the snow. All of us heard the thud!. Of course, I immediately started to tremble inside. Nurse Ratchet would have to don the cape and fearlessly go where no-one should go when they are on holidays. OK.....So the other fellas all banded together and picked the poor unfortunate soul off the ground and we managed to get him back to the bus. Poor fella was in incredible pain and no medication at all. Not that I would've wanted anything too strong really. Laws and all that. So quick assessment, banged on a sling and off to the next port of call where First Aid might be. Finally got someone to look at the fella. But really, no hospital, no X-ray, needed to get to something a little more substantial. Anyhoo......without boring you all to death. He was taken into the Hospital in Jasper and there are some broken bones. In the mean time, there was a lady on the trip who had also been into the hospital in Banff and was having a lot of trouble with breathing etc. I managed to persuade her to be checked out as well and at this point in time, she is not in the lodgings. I think she is still being cared for at the hospital. So I could say, some good calls with limited resources.

Along the way into Jasper, we saw some mountain goats and Elk on the side of the road. Apparently Mountain Goats are a rare sight. The dominant male was a big bugger and not very tolerant of any males in the group. So lots of jousting in the short time we were there taking photos. Some of the piccies are up on Facebook.

We got into Jasper and I found a Drug Store. OMG. I can finally see. Found some of the cheap magnifying glasses and they are working a treat! could even see the order sheet to arrange a G&T! Bombay Blue of course!

Our room is a lodge in a group of four. Very well set up and of course the scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

Off to Sun Peaks tomorrow

Will put some more photos up soon


Bryan and Ron

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More dreadful sights! (NOT)

When will this torture end?? Hopefully never!

snow -6 °C

Dear All

Have really been flat chat seeing all of the fantabulous sights of Banff. We are now a Lake Louise.

To recap - we got in about 22:00hrs on the last day of the train trip. Therefore late into the Hotel.

During the last day of the trip, the Hosts had a poem competition which was to be centred around the Rocky Mountains. Ron sat down and spent some time working on a poem. We saw a lot of Salmon running that day (that is what they called it anyway). Mind you I was hoping to see some Salmon with Nikes on but sadly not to be. Anyhoo. The hosts read the poems and Ron won. He was given a really lovely book for writing notes in and a Picute of the Rocky Mountaineer. Of cause for those of you who know "the Castle" that will go straight to the pool room!

The room at the Hotel was also absolutely awesome. Quite luxurious and again, we felt we were being treated like Royaly.

Forgive any typo's. I'm doing this without my glasses. I lost them in Banff at some point, somewhere during the day and I have no Fecking idea what happened with them.

So woke up the next morning, looked out the window and it was Christmas post card material. There was snow everywhere. I was so excited to see it as most of you will know, I've never ever seen o touched snow in my life.

We did have a Helicopter tour booked for the day but that was cancelled along with most of the other activities for the day because of the Snow.

We did do a Banff experience tour and went to the Cave and Basin which are hot springs and in the past, people thought there were medicinal properties associated. Now it is a tourist attraction which is a little on the nose. But only because of the Sulphur smell. Certainly could do with a dose of Ambi Pur.

It was during the morning of this day that I lost my glasses. I had been in to a couple of shops. But for the life of me, I truly can't recall what I did with them or when I last saw them. So typing this at the fullest extent of my arms. This time I'm not really fussed about auto correct ss it seems to be doing a reasonable job s far

Today we left Banff and did the Gondola ride up Sulphur Mountain. Fantsastic sights. Was minus 8 at the top of the mountain. Very glad for the thermals and long johns. Would've been nice with a scarf too but the one I bought yesterday whilst loosing my glasses, apparently I'velost that as well. On a roll here!

From Sulphur Mountain we went to Bow Falls which were spectacular and Surprise Corner. It is an over look of the Hotel from the side of a Mountain. More spectacular views.

From there to Lake Moraine and then to Lake Louise. All stunning in their views.

On arrival we had a guided tour for about an hour by a fella called Mike. Apparently Half Aussie, he says because he's married to an Aussie, and gave us some history of the lake, how it iwas found and how it was named. Very funny bloke but knows his stuff.

So good people. I'll get this onto the blog and hopefully more to come soon

Will load some more photos on later on.


Bee and Ron

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Another day of dreadful views

Pardon me boy! Is that the Canadoodoo Choo Choo!

semi-overcast 22 °C

Dear All

Well up at the Sparrows once again well and truly before they even blinked and tried to Fart!

Sooooooo. Managed to make it down on time to the lobby with a couple of minutes to spare. So over to Starbucks to fetch a tea for both of us. By the time I got back, all had ventured off to the bus! Well almost all!. So got onto the bus.......No Ron! Ah. The Bryan evading radar is up and running early today! So back into the Hotel I go. Only to be told......"I saw you coming across the road, then all of a sudden, POOF, you vanished" .

Well how embarrassing but probably true was that!!!! I mean OK to have the evading radar on but did he really have to call me a POOF! Seriously!

So anyhooooo. After a few deep breaths and a tut or two, back to the bus.

Get onto the train. Get on with things and breakfast is served. First dish, is fruit with a Gooseberry. I pick up said Gooseberry and peel open the pod only to have the darn berry jump out and fall to the floor. Down on the hands and knees. Fish mobile out of pocket and fire up the Torch App. Ask friend opposite to lift his feet and sure enough, there it was. Just as I was retrieving the darned thing, along comes serving person who quick as a flash, said "didn't take you long to propose to him". Getting used to having a red face these days!

Later. Young Ron decides to have some water. Clearly he didn't like it because it mysteriously flung itself and associated ice all over my leg and seat. And part of his as well.

Next time he even thinks about drinking water I'lll take off to another seat.

OK. The sights on the Rocky Mountaineer are nothing short of spectacular. The train is superb, staff are wonderful. Treating us like Royalty really, which for a couple of old Queens, really fits the bill I guess!

So. Have ended today in a little town called Kamloops. Hotel is pretty. Very comfortable.

Back up at the Sparrows again tomorrow. OMG!

Take care all


Bryan and Ron

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