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Hopping around Vancouver

Sightseeing by bus

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Dear All

This is our last day in Vancouver and we decided to try the Hop On Hop Off Bus. Somehow or another you still end up exhausted. Possibly due to waking up at the wee small hour of 01:00 and not getting back to sleep until about 04:00. Methinks the time clock is a little confuddled!

Anyhoo. Had a look at Granville Island. It is mostly Markets for Artists, some clothing outlets, Jewellery and a few other bits of pieces. It was OK but wouldn't rush back there in a hurry.

After this, we went off to Stanley Park. The views from around the Park are nothing short of spectacular

Short and sweet today. Bit like me really!

Start the train trip tomorrow, so entries might be a little more enlightening!



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The Dizzying heights of Canada

Can you ever get sick of saying "Wow!"

sunny 26 °C

Dear All

Well, I can safely say I do not remember my head hitting the pillow last night! Was extremely exhausted but managed to stay up until about 23:00hrs, which for us is very close to the border of turning into pumpkins!

Met up with a friend of mine, Mylee, who lives in Canada. She is a Physio here and she came into Vancouver and took us down to Gastown for dinner. Had the best oven fired Pizza ever!!!!! Sorry Lou from Lucafe, but these were simply the best! Also sank a little drink or three, or four. Hell! who's counting! After that, walked back to the Hotel with Mylee and parted company. So glad she could come down and join us and so glad she took the time to do so.

Today, we got up and walked through a bit of the town looking for a Pharmacy and an ATM. Ron managed to lacerate his hand again, and of course, I did have some Bandaids but needed a few more just in case. Thankfully he didn't need transfusing. Of course after some difficulty finding said Pharmacy (Drug Store) and ATM, we found ourselves right back where we started and then did the sensible thing and asked someone. Fortunately we also found a Tourist Centre so got some great ideas of where to go and what to see. Settled on a trip up to Grouse Mountain! That's where the Wow comes in. All I could say, was Wow! And point. I know it is supposedly rude, but pointing became a reflex action. The views are simply spectacular.

We also saw some Grizzly bears. They have two in a sectioned off 5 acres on the Mountain and they are kept there to entertain the visitors. Thoughtfully the Parks people have put an electric fence in between bear and people. The bears are a couple of show ponies and pose for photos with appropriate nose wiggling and looks. Wonderful to see and they were certainly in good nick. They looked very comfortably built. Lost children anyone??

After that we came back to downtown Vancouver and had some rather holiday type food, read unhealthy, then staggered back to the Hotel room for a little Nanna Nap!

Just about to upload some piccies including one of me in the office here at the hotel taken whilst compiling this very part of the blog. Have a look at the background. Fabulous views!


Bryan and Ron

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Welcome to Canada

How to wile away the time in Immigration

sunny 24 °C

Dear All

Have made it to Canada. Really long flight but did manage to get some beauty sleep. Not that that will help a great deal. Pretty much a lost cause really!

I must tell you about our connecting flight. Landed at 15:40 at Hong Kong Airport and our flight was due to leave for Canada at 16:20. We arrived at gate 71 and had to get through Immigration, then Security and then to gate 2 which was miles away! Got there just as boarding was taking place but was cutting it fine! Certainly had a bit of a sweat up. Worked off some of the G&T's I had on the flight! The Boss Lady managing the cabin crew makes a really mean G&T and I loved them all!

Anyhooo......arrived in Vancouver Airport. Walked in the general direction of Immigration and Customs and of course a darn great queue. Eventually got down stairs and into another area with those mobile barriers going back and forth. Walked through them, criss crossing the area, only to be directed to another area to repeat the process over again. Got through all of that and Guess what? Directed to another area where we walked back and forth in the barriers to finally be greeted by a Customs person who just stamped the passports then off we went! An hour and a half doing the walking criss crossing bit. I don't think I was alone in wanting to just jump back on the bomber back to WA? I thought Heathrow was bad!

Got to the Hotel. Wow! What a place. Right on the Waterfront which surprisingly is it's name! Suite is luxurious and best of service.

Oh. And those funny things I lost before I came across? I think they are called Kilo's. I think I've found the MoFo's! Already!

Talk soon


Bryan and Ron

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The start of the Big Adventure

These early birds were even to early for the worms

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Hello All

Magpies must not sleep at all. I have discovered this due to being awake for most of the night. Probably worried I'd sleep in even though I just knew I wouldn't sleep at all. The Maggies were calling at 22:00 and just got louder into the morning. Ah well. Missing out on my career as a replacement for David Attenborough I guess (I don't think he need worry)

Ange was dutifully on time to pick us up for the Airport (Thanks Ange) and whisked us away for the relaxing climes of Perth International Airport and do our best to smile as the friendly and caring security people usher you ever so gently through the secure checkpoints! I know, I know! Fantasy world don't you think? I must find out the provider where the security people complete their customer training skills. I think I'd be amazed and most likely not so pleasantly!

Good start to the trip. The flight has been delayed an hour and seeing we only had an hour and a half between landing in Hong Kong and taking off for Vancouver, we might be in a spot of bother. Ah well. Cross that bridge when we get to it I guess. Wonder what the friendly security people would say if we turned up with Roller Skates on!

Anyway. We continue to slum it in the One World lounge but hopefully not here for the next 4 weeks.

Take care all


Bryan and Ron

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Getting ready for Oh God O' Clock

Feeling excited

20 °C

Dear All

Only 3 more days of work , then it's off into the Wild Blue Yonder

Of course. Now it's the "what am I missing" thought. Have I forgotten to organise something.

Will Aleena be well looked after. I'm sure she will in reality. We've met Lea, the House Sitter and she seems beautiful. Aleena seemed to take a bit of a liking to her as well.

Stay tuned for more folks


Bee and Ron

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